Registration of Agencies, Trade Name and Trade mark

Registration of Agencies, Trade Name and Trade mark 740 480 BQ

Our Law Firm takes over all agencies registration procedures from the very beginning of formulating the agency contract between the investor (whether a foreigner or Saudi) and the agent to get official approval registration and certificates for a commercial agencies.We also take all necessary procedures to preserve the rights of our clients through official registration of their trade names and trademarks inside or outside the kingdom. Then, we pursue whoever infringes this right by instituting lawsuit against them.

Establishments, Registration, Merge and Liquidation of Companies

Establishments, Registration, Merge and Liquidation of Companies 740 480 BQ

The Law firm is specialized in preparing the association articles for all kinds of companies, then taking necessary actions to establish and register the company and to obtain commercial registration or take over companies liquidation process. Furthermore, we amend contracts pursuant to client’s will and we take all necessary actions related there to. We also take all necessary actions on behalf of our clients with regards to mergers situations whether with sister companies or with companies owned by other parties.

Preparation of Regulations and Studies

Preparation of Regulations and Studies 700 400 BQ

We prepare inter-organisational rules and regulations, determine the rights and obligation of employer(s) and Employees in commercial establishments, Companies and all kinds of firms pursuant to the labor laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In addition, we do the preparation of various legal studies of assorted subjects related to these documents such as contracts, agreements, decision and others to determine negative and positive aspects thereof to guarantee the rights of all parties.

Formulation of Commerical Contracts and Agreements

Formulation of Commerical Contracts and Agreements 740 480 BQ

Our Law Firm is expert to formulate all kinds of commercial contracts and agreements bilingually in Arabic and English in accordance with the laws applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and pursuant to the client’s needs.

Execution & Follow up

Execution & Follow up 1048 699 BQ

Our Law Firm takes over all lawsuit related to our clients starting from cordial settlements to judicial proceedings until the collection of our client satisfaction. In addition we follow-up all activities of legal nature pertaining to our clients whether these are local or at International grounds.

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services 360 240 BQ

The law firm provides consultancy services to all of our clients which may include Companies, Establishments and Individuals. By the Grace of Allah and by virtue of our various capabilities, competencies and efforts, we are now fully aware of all the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all aspects of daily transactions targeting Individuals, Companies, and Establishments in a manner which make us able to secure and preserve their rights.

Judicial Proceedings

Judicial Proceedings 360 240 BQ

Our Law Firm takes all legal actions on behalf of our clients to claim their rights or defend them by attending cases and submitting the data starting from the first court session until the decision is made by the judge. Our Law Firm also submits grievances, appeals and executes judgments in front of all grades, kinds of courts and judicial committees in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia until justice is announced.

Legal Studies

Legal Studies 360 240 BQ

Regarding Real Estate Contribution
We are taking all the procedures that are required for the construction of real estate contribution,obtaining necessary licenses. Then we follow up these contributions which will make us able to complete them and to produce preliminary and detailed periodical legal reports on such contributions.

Regarding Administrative Structure
We study all the procedures to be taken with regards to restructuring and the resultants such as merger, acquisitions, consolidation of companies, cancellation and creation of jobs, consistent with labor law and the impact thereof.

Other Services

Other Services 740 480 BQ

Liquidation of inheritance
Being in an Islamic country we perform heritage division under the rules of Islam to give every heir his/her right share, and we do all proceedings relating to such division and implement them to the fullest.

International section
Our international section is engaged in international legal proceedings and dealings in various countries in cooperation with many lawfirms abroad including our association with Edwin Coe LLP law firm.

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