• Eng. Hussein Hasan Abudawood

    portf625CEO , M. A. Abudawood & Partners for Industry Co.

    “From my own experience with Bakri & Qurban law firm, we have got the prompt response, accuracy and great follow up to the jobs we needed. We are looking forward to cooperate with Bakri & Qurban law firm on many future aspects for our group of companies.”

  • Wahib S. Binzagr & Bros. Co. Ltd.


    “We are so thankful for the great treatment and cooperation we got from Eyad Al-Bakry & Atheer Qurban Co. Law firm throughout their knowledge, experience, commitment and perseverance regarding the assigned task to them according to the law. Giving us the right consultancy and informing us with the steps that need to consider for solid legal background.”

  • Electrical Engineering Co. Ltd.

    shareka handaseya

    “I believe that every company and individual is in need for adept lawyers that take care of their interests and rights according to their country law. And I am overwhelmed that we got to choose have the right law firm that is fully aware of detailed law consultancy. We got a lot of benefit from the services submitted by them to accomplish our work that saved us much time. We assigned Eyad Al-Bakry & Atheer Qurban Co. Law firm to handle our company’s legalities and they pretty did an amazing job in a short time.”

  • Loai Labani


    Co-Founder - CEO, Innovative Software

    “We indeed refer to BQ often in these days, for we find the information and guidance by them so important, because they are a special Law firm that we can rely on and be supervised by their consultancy to our online business!”

  • Riyadh AlTayib


    Co-Founder - QA Manager,Innovative Software

    “Their dedication, concern and interest in us, and they way they treat us is much appreciated. We feel toward them that we are more than just a client. In summary, they have earned our most enthusiastic recommendation.”