Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services 360 240 BQ

The law firm provides consultancy services to all of our clients which may include Companies, Establishments and Individuals. By the Grace of Allah and by virtue of our various capabilities, competencies and efforts, we are now fully aware of all the applicable laws in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all aspects of daily transactions targeting Individuals, Companies, and Establishments in a manner which make us able to secure and preserve their rights.

Main Branch – Jeddah

Office No. 606 – Sixth floor
King Abdullah Road – Zagzoog Business Center
Phone: +966 12 6160222
Fax: +966 12 6160336

Madinah Branch

Al Ahen Neighborhood – Haouissa bin Masood Ansari St – Branching from Prince Abdul Majeed St. (Al Hezam Al Akhdar) – Behind AlKatiry Dental Clinics
Phone: +966 14 8480901

Riyadh Branch

Al Olaya Neighborhood – Al Olaya Street crossing Musa Bin Nasir St.
Phone: +966 11 4613065